Dating After a Break Up

Contrary to frequent advice that you should wait awhile before dating after a break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, research suggests that dating again may actually be good for you. Learn some interesting facts about dating after an emotional break up and then how to get back in the game.

What You Need to Know About Dating Again
New studies show that dating again, even on the “rebound” actually helps many to get over a break up quicker, as long as they don’t get involved with someone who is otherwise inappropriate for them.  So it may be more important to use good judgment about who to date, than when to start dating after a break up. And if you think positive, believing it will be easy to find another companion, then that also helps to ease the yearning for your ex-partner, even if you have a strong need for attachment.

How to Get Back Into the Dating Game
It’s easy, so follow these simple, yet important tips on dating after a break up:
1.    Grasp a “Yes I Can” Attitude — Get off to a good start with a great attitude!  Even though you may feel down in the dumps, a confident spirit and positive attitude not only helps you to recover quicker from a break up, but also attracts the opposite sex.

2.    Keep Up with Appearances — You only have one chance to make a first impression when meeting a new prospect.  And you don’t know when the situation will arise, as it can happen anywhere, anytime.  So it’s important to look and feel you best when you’re ready to start dating after a break up.

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3.    Forget the Ex — Dating will help you to lose focus on your lost love. When on a date, negativity is a big turnoff even when referring to your ex, so never discuss past relationships or make comparisons with a new partner. Keep in mind this is a new beginning for you.

4.    Refresh Yourself on Dating Safety — It may have been awhile since you dated, so remember health and safety first.  Never let yourself feel pressured and if you become uncomfortable leave. And a single woman should always tell someone where she’s going and who she’s with, especially when dating after a break up.

5.    Raise the Bar – There’s a bonanza of great places to meet a new companion other than just bars and clubs. Flirt with other singles at college or even work, if policy allows.  Join political, charity or spiritual affiliations.  Attend parties, weddings and other social events to discover interesting people. Studies also show your chances of meeting a new partner through family or friends doubles compared to the bar scene.

6.    Just Have Fun — It’s normal to feel anxious or apprehensive when you start dating after a break up. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so instead of focusing on the prize, just enjoy the “game” so to speak.  If you relax, not worrying about making a good impression or whether he or she likes you, then you’ll come across as a desirable and valuable catch.

7.    Know What You’re Getting Into – According to studies men typically know if they’re falling in love within three dates, and women 14.  Couples will begin to enter a serious relationship after about 10 dates.  When dating after a break up, this period is your opportunity to get to know your partner and determine if he or she is right for you.  Use good judgment, ask the right questions without interrogating and be sure to go with your gut feeling, as love is blind and you don’t want to end up in heartbreak again.

Although it may feel like a big step, if you think you’re ready then take the leap, because dating may actually be good for you!

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