Dating After Divorce

After years away from the dating scene, the thought of dating after divorce can feel a little strange and even downright nerve-wracking.  Although you may want to date, you are probably overwhelmed with questions: You don’t know when or where to start, what to expect or how to approach it.  Discover a few smart and simple tips to get back into the swing of dating and find romance again.

When to Start Dating Again
Start dating again when you feel you’re ready. Although some research suggests waiting 6 months to a year, it’s not a hard and fast rule, because it all depends on you. Don’t let friends and family pressure you into dating after divorce.  A break up is a difficult process. When you have passed the emotional turmoil and feel good about yourself, so you won’t bring the negative influences into your good judgment or a new relationship, then it’s fine to begin dating.

How to Get Your Feet Wet
First you need to determine what you want in a new relationship and a companion.  Are you looking for friendship?  Or ready for a longer term relationship? Just keep in mind, for some it’s too easy to rebound or get involved in a serious relationship too soon in order to fill a void of loneliness, so it’s best when dating after divorce to start out slow and careful.

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It’s important to set reasonable standards and realistic expectations, as setting them too high or being willing to settle may lead to disappointments.  Make a list of the qualities in a partner that really matter to you from a sense of humor to integrity.  And jot down the deal breakers, the habits and traits you can live without.  This doesn’t mean you etch a shopping list in stone, but serves as a guide in understanding and respecting your needs.

To ease the anxiety when you first start dating after divorce, look forward to each date as an opportunity to meet a new friend, instead of focusing on building a new relationship.  Be yourself, enjoy yourself and just have fun.  Remember practice makes perfect and you probably won’t meet Mr. or Ms. Right off the bat. Everyone carries baggage, so don’t let your past prevent you from dating after divorce.  You don’t have to reveal personal information about yourself or the problems in your previous marriage with new dates.  Those discussions can be saved for later if the relationship progresses and when the two of you feel comfortable enough.  The first date conversation should be upbeat and positive, as your potential partner wants to know about you, not about your issues.

How to Approach the Dating Scene
Although the number of available singles diminishes as we pass our twenties, with the divorce rate over 50% there are still many great prospects untaken. And you’re not going to meet them if you’re a couch potato or act like a scared little mouse, so get active.  If you want to start dating after divorce, write down a list of activities that you enjoy or want to try that involve other people and do it.  Join social groups such book or card clubs and church functions. Discover some new hobbies, sports or interesting places to visit such as museums and art galleries to meet new singles.

Today more and more singles meet their partners through less traditional methods such as online dating or dating services.  Dating sites have become so popular that many brand themselves through common interests from Christian singles to Single Parents Dating where you may feel more comfortable.

Just remember you’re not alone. Most everyone goes through the same process and feelings when dating after divorce.  Don’t take it too seriously, be careful and get out there to enjoy yourself!