Get Back Your Boyfriend

Breakups are hard. They’re even harder in if you feel the break up was not a good idea. Should you be prepared to try again and want to find methods to get back your boyfriend, there are steps you can take. Whether you think you’re about to lose him or he already left, don’t take off running to get back your boyfriend. Instead of acting in haste, repeating the same mistakes and chasing him further away, learn how to lure him back in, by his own choice!

Give Him A Reason to Want You Back
To some extent, men like the thrill of the chase, a bit of a challenge, and a little mystery when it comes to their partners and relationships.  So look at this period as an opportunity to change your direction, along with your thoughts and make a few self-improvements he can’t help but notice.  And then let him hunt you down!
Begin with the first step to get back your boyfriend: During a troubled relationship, under the pressure of emotional stress women naturally want to reach out and befriend their beau, while men have a tendency to take a fight or flight approach.  As hard as it is to ignore your instincts, show self-control and don’t call, text, or email him. And most important don’t visit him personally either at work or home, instead give him his space.  Otherwise, not only will you appear desperate, which is a turn off, but he will find it annoying or even disturbing pushing him further away – and maybe for good.  So change your approach and convey the message that although you may want him, you can live without him.

Get Lost in the World Around You
To get back your boyfriend, it’s important that he knows you still have some interest, but it’s even more critical that he understands you have your own life.  Become the exciting and adventurous woman that you are, by striving for personal happiness and professional growth. Go after that job promotion even if it means spending less time with him or better yet, thinking about him. Not only will you gain more financial independence, but men love the challenge of smart and poised women.

Visit new places and experience new things. Fill your schedule with social connections by spending more time with your friends, getting in touch with old pals, and meeting new acquaintances. So to get back your boyfriend, get him to wonder where you are and what you’ve been up to.

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Have Your Best Interests at Heart
Too often in a relationship due to insecurity, women put their men first losing their sense of self.  In an attempt to hold on to him they fall into the role of a “yes woman”, even if it means losing their self-respect and hiding their true feelings.  And he loses interest, because you’re no longer his other half, but more like his puppy dog. You need to build your self-confidence. If you made things too easy, and you want to get back your boyfriend, now’s the time to be true to yourself and your expectations in the relationship by raising the bar, as men appreciate things they have to work hard for.

Just like him, you probably have a weakness or two that contributed to unhappiness in the relationship. This is an opportunity to fix your shortcomings, but change because you feel it’s best for you. Then think back to what attracted him to you in the first place and work on those strengths, but aim to please yourself and not just him.  If you got lazy with your appearance, to get back your boyfriend get back the look and body you had when you met him and also deserve.

Without going too far from your comfort zone experiment with a new hair length, color or style. From sweet to suave to sexy, or perhaps a little sassy, have some fun with a makeover. And the beauty of it is when you look your best, you feel better, which sends good vibes attracting others – and your ex.

A healthy body helps to build resilience, which is what you need during this difficult time. Plus a man’s mind is wired to attractive bodies, however, it’s not about losing weight or being skinny; it concerns health and physical fitness.  To get back your boyfriend get fit for the task and glow in heath by exercising regularly, joining a gym or participating in a new sport.  And you’ll get a second glance the next time he sees you!

Grab His Attention
You’re ready to make him compete for your attention and affection with a new look and attitude that appeals to all his senses—and to those of other men.  Instead of having your heart set on him, open yourself to change and other male friends. Men like competition, but this doesn’t mean you have to play games to get back your boyfriend.  By sincerely keeping your options open you challenge him to choose – he can realize what he lost and make a dash to get you back or wait until someone else sweeps you off your feet!

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