Get Back Your Girlfriend

She kissed you goodbye… and left you scratching your head in confusion over what went wrong. Now you urgently want to know how to get back your girlfriend.  Well, women are not as puzzling as you think—they just think men should be able to read their minds and pick up on subtle hints.

Instead of trying to decode her words and thoughts after the fact, to help you get a head start on solving the mystery read the following tips on the main reason girlfriends leave and the best approach to get back your girlfriend!

Intimacy Matters
To get to the heart of the matter—a woman thrives on “emotional intimacy”.   What sounds like an unmanning concept is really quite simple: She craves closeness, warmth and affection from her partner.  Did your pay attention and listen to her, showing compassion and kindness? Or maybe you put the Sunday football game with the guys before her one too many times, while being clueless to her feelings.  Were you there for her when she needed you or maybe you didn’t know that she needed you?

To get back your girlfriend understand that emotional intimacy means being tuned in with a strong connection to her sentiments.  And it’s expressed through your pattern of words and actions, which is something she never forgets.  As deceptively simple as these little things sound, they create intimacy for a woman, and the lack of it is the underlying cause for a majority of break-ups.

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The good news is, if you feel you could have treated her a little bit better and paid more attention to her, you have a good chance to lure her  back .  If you think back to when the two of you first met, you couldn’t wait to see her again and you were always carefully tuned in to her words and feelings. So start by treating her as a  “new” girlfriend for now and forever, which is how to get back your girlfriend.

Get Lost In Great Conversation
Men love to sweet talk and women, well they just love to talk with the conversation getting a little deep at times. And there’s a good reason for that.  The interesting fact is women’s brains contain more dopamine in the area associated with language than men.  When she talks she releases this hormone which makes her feel good; something men don’t experience.

Dopamine is responsible for those euphoric feelings you experience when first falling in love.  So when you engage in meaningful and heartfelt conversations with her, you’re actually building an intimate emotional and loving connection with her, which is very important women.

A large part of your “paying attention” to her, as she sees it, means frequent heart to heart and face to face conversations.  If you want to get back your girlfriend, call her up and start a warm conversation.

Clue in to Her Subtle Hints
Carefully listen to what she says to you along with her facial expressions to better understand her. Part of the reason she thinks you can read her mind lies in the fact that she naturally displays a lot of body language.  For innate reasons women use subtle facial expressions that other women understand, but men don’t easily pick up.  Of course it’s unfair for her to expect you to understand these clues, but just be aware of it. To get your girlfriend back– If you sense something’s wrong don’t dismiss it, instead ask her directly, which she’ll take as a message you care.

Show Consistency in Your Behavior Towards Her
A woman remembers just about everything you say to her, as a matter of fact she could probably tell you exactly how many times you broke a date.  Because the chemistry of her brain processes language more effectively, evidence suggests that she remembers spoken words easier than a man.  She stores everything you say to her, looks for patterns and continuously analyzes them.  So if you want to build back her trust and love, be consistent with your words and actions.

These tips should help take some of the confusion out of why she left you and help you get back your girlfriend.  So go ahead and start the conversation back up!

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