Getting Back Your Wife

Over twice as many women file for divorce than men. Why are wives advancing to divorce court in numbers? Much of it concerns the evolving and less traditional role a woman plays in marriage, which has certainly  become more complicated for her. However, her  needs and wants are still quite simple.  Discover the major reasons why a woman leaves and how getting back your wife is easier than you think!

Prior to the seventies, couples married for love and passion just as they do today. However, they made a commitment and stayed together throughout the  course of the marriage, because of the many mutual benefits it offered including  emotional and financial security.  There was greater interdependence between a couple, including the need to raise a family and grow old together as the wife was the nurturer and homemaker, while the husband the protector and provider.

Getting back your wife requires an understanding of the stresses she encounters in a contemporary role. Women have been taking on a larger share of “less traditional” responsibilities, including work outside the home.  However, in most marriages she still carries the burden for household choirs, while taking  the lead with child care. As she feels increasingly  overwhelmed, the conflicts grow and her resentment towards her husband may build to the point when she asks herself “Would I be better off without him?” But the truth of the matter is, it’s not so much the lack of sharing responsibilities, but the underlying feeling of a loss of appreciation and affection.

Follow these tips on getting your back wife:

1.    Heighten  Emotional Engagement
Studies show that a lack of emotional engagement is the main reason women divorce their husbands.  Unfortunately, a man sometimes forgets how they behaved towards his wife when they were dating. Over time he becomes cozy and comfy in the relationship, and unintentionally lets it wither away.  He may put other competing priorities such as work first, as she drifts further and further behind.

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A wife needs to feel a strong emotional connection with her husband, through compassion, attentiveness, love and devotion, which is the key point of focus when getting your wife back. The quality and quantity of time you spend with your wife is extremely important.  So take the time to have heartfelt conversations with her face to face and do fun things together hand in hand.  Treat her once again as a girlfriend now and forever by pampering her from time to time with flowers, love notes, candle light dinners and dancing.  And tell her every day “I love you!”.

2.    Share in Marital Responsibilities
Although chore wars  may sound trivial to many men, “shared household duties” were identified as the third most important component for a successful marriage in a Pew Research Center survey, falling just  behind number two “a happy sexual relationship”.

Getting back your wife requires you to bring back the interdependence and alliance into the union, as a marriage is the responsibility of both partners, which includes the kids and choirs.  So give her a hand with the cleaning, cooking and child care.  Better yet, surprise her and do it without being asked.  Not only will you reduce the stress on her, but also free up her time so the two of you can share some tender and loving moments together.

And it’s important to note, women aren’t looking for a 50/50 split.  To them a slight labor imbalance isn’t significant as long as their husbands appreciate them  and what they do, which leads to more satisfaction in the relationship.

Follow this important advice on getting back your wife, because all she really desires is attention, affection and appreciation for you!

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