How to Get Through a Break Up

When you’re in love, a break up can tear you apart and leave you feeling devastated – at least for a little while. Even though movies and literature have a tendency to focus on the gut wrenching heartbreak following a break up, the paradox and good news is studies show that most people bounce back much quicker than they anticipated, especially those who felt “madly in love”. Discover how to get through a break up quickly as you’re probably more resilient and readier than you think.

Let Go — The longer you pursue a broken relationship, the longer the recovery period. If you have tried ever thing in your power to get the relationship back on track without success, then accept that the relationship is over, as it’s time to free yourself and move on to a brighter future.
Don’t Hide Your Feelings – There’s no denying you’re experiencing a plethora of “real” emotions, and getting over a break up quickly doesn’t suggest you ignore them. It’s important that you deal with these feelings directly, but certainly don’t target your ex as tempting as it may be. A tip on how to get through a break up: Confide in a trusted friend or family member, because just by talking things over you will feel so much better. And always seek professional help if you need it.
Change Your Focus – Stop thinking about your ex and the past, and redirect your focus on yourself and the future. Get involved, go after that job promotion, plan a vacation or learn something new. There’s an exciting world around you, so start enjoying it. It’s not about surviving a break up, but flourishing when it’s over. That’s how to get through a break up quickly.
Write About the Positive Aspects of the Break Up – Instead of taking a negative approach and venting, research shows that those who wrote down and reinforced the positive aspects of the break up coped much better. Writing is therapeutic and focusing on the positive benefits fosters healthy emotions and healing. After all a break up isn’t all bad.
Enjoy the Benefits of Being Single — Maybe you stopped growing during the relationship, well now’s the occasion to enjoy being single again as your time is your own. Another tip on how to get through a break up: Dedicate your new found time to your own personal and professional growth. You have a lot of new freedoms that you didn’t have during the relationship, so take advantage of them.

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Build Social Connections — The key to happiness is a treasure trove of healthy and close relationships. With your partner gone you may be feeling a deep void and experiencing some isolation, so it’s extremely important to rebuild your social life and surround yourself with happy and caring people.

Lay Out a Plan for Your Future –  This is a good opportunity to step back, reassess the past and plan for a brighter future, which is how to get through a break up. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, identify your passions and opportunities, and then set career, financial and personal goals. You have a bright future ahead, so don’t consume your time on a break up, instead get busy and on track!

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