How to Save My Marriage

If the question “how to save my marriage?” is jumping around in your mind, then try something different. Instead of “working hard on your marriage” take an exuberant approach and a break from the bleak by looking at “fun ways to make your marriage work”.  Entertain creative and fun ideas that turn your relationship challenges from work to play… for a change.  That’s not to make light of a troubled marriage, but changing negative thoughts and patterns opens the door to positive results.

1.    Change for the Positive

If you’re looking at your marriage through a glass half empty change your view, which is the best advice on “how to save my marriage?” Approach your marital problems as an opportunity to enrich the marriage with a positive attitude and outlook.

Instead of trying to change your spouse, start with yourself by eliminating undesirable behaviors and pamper yourself with a makeover—a new hair cut or outfit.  If you want your relationship to improve, then lead by example with a fresh and healthy outlook!

2.    Focus on the Good
If you what to answer the question “how to save my marriage?” then concentrate on the positive aspects of your relationship. Problems tend to get the most attention, but instead of continuously hashing over troubles that tear the two of you apart, try focusing on the things that bring you together once in a while.  What is it that you like about each other?  Reminiscing about past enjoyable experiences together will encourage an aura of good feelings.

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3.    Make it Fun and Games
Improve your relationship skills through fun and games. Go online to find a treasure trove of interactive surveys, games, quizzes and other interesting activities. This will all help to answer the question “how to save my marriage?” Search for healthy communication and conflict resolution advice to learn and practice so you can get lost in good conversation again.

Meet new people who share your goals by joining a couple’s relationship workshop or retreat.  You’ll learn how to restore the love in your marriage while having fun together.

4.    Be Friends With Your Spouse
Ease the hostility and embrace a cheerful mood by laughing, flirting and just having fun with your spouse. This will create great vibes between the two of you and an environment you’ll both look forward coming home to.

Another helpful technique to answer the question “how to save my marriage?”is this.  Tell the world you adore your spouse with public displays of affection. Open doors at the store or hold hands through the parking lot. All these little things will help bring back that loving feeling and pave the way to a friendlier relationship.

5.    Spend Leisure Time Together
Discover new people, places and things together. Schedule date nights and couples holidays alone to increase the intimacy between you and your spouse. And also be spontaneous from time to time by surprising your partner with a romantic dinner and tickets to his or her favorite sporting event or live performance.  Another fun tip to solve the question “how to save my marriage?” is to always put a little mystery in otherwise familiar routines.

Just as important as spending time together, each of you need time to pursue personal happiness through outside interests and activities. So get together will good friends for an evening out and laughter, and then bring home the good feelings, extending them on to your spouse.

6.    Lend Each Other a Hand Just Because
Make it a habit to help one another out with the little things without asking.  Help her pull the weeds in the garden or grab a brush and assist him with his painting project. Just doing things together side by side, shoulder to shoulder strengthens relationship bonds.

Practice these simple tips on a daily basis it could help solve the question “how to save my marriage?” and positive and healthy relationship behaviors will become second nature without having to work at it. Your spouse is your best friend, so always remember to treat him or her as such.

Now have some fun—together!

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