How to Stop a Divorce

If you want to know how to stop a divorce, then discover the critical facts on why you should reconsider all the options.  Knowing some facts beyond your emotional trauma will be very helpful. It is a sensible thing to do before you or your spouse grabs a lawyer and rushes off to divorce court.

Why a Couple Should Think Twice
Unhappiness is frequently stated as the reason for divorce and interestingly, in many marriages even though one spouse may be discontent the other is not.  However, there is hope as the “remain married and miserable” or “divorce happily ever after” assumptions appear to be false.  Research suggests unhappy spouses can become happily married and divorce may not bring happiness.

A Study by the University of Chicago on Unhappy Marriages found 66% of unhappily married couples who stayed in their relationship and worked together to improve it, reported a happy marriage 5 years later, which is a compelling reason to learn how to stop a divorce.   The most remarkable turn around was cited by couples who claimed to be extremely unhappy, with 8 out of 10 later celebrating a blissful marriage.

Bridge the Unhappiness Gap
How did these couples close the unhappiness gap to once again become happily married?  The solution exercises a combination of three underlying and powerful principles: 1) a marital work ethos 2) a personal happiness philosophy and 3) a moral belief in the commitment to marriage.  So explore the following successful tips on how to stop a divorce:

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1.    The Marital Work Ethos
Yes, a marriage takes work. A relationship passes through several inherent stages over time.  When you and your love first met, the hormones produced by your bodies soared high sweeping the two of you off your feet.  But after a few years of marriage, the euphoria created by dopamine naturally and slowly fades away.  Living happily ever after doesn’t just happen, but through time and effort, you can work out marital problems and also bring back that loving feeling.

First make your marriage a priority by increasing both the quality and quantity of time the two of you spend together for addressing marital problems, but more important to simply have some fun together.  A tip on how to stop a divorce–Focus not only the on the negative things you need to improve, but also on the positive aspects of your relationship.

2.    The Personal Happiness Philosophy
Those who feel melancholic in their marriage will sometimes blame the other spouse and seek divorce thinking that will bring happiness.  Sometimes they remarry, only to find over time the natural cycle repeats itself leading to another divorce. And divorce rates increase the second time around.

Unhappy spouses often need to look beyond marriage for a source of happiness.  Keep in mind, your spouse isn’t responsible for your life’s dreams, as the real cause of dissatisfaction my lie within yourself.  If you want to know how to stop a divorce, take steps to improve your own happiness, ranging from personal and professional growth to meeting new friends and exploring new interests.  And you will discover that not only will these changes help to fulfill your life, but will also return excitement to your marriage as you share these new endeavors with your spouse.

3.    A Moral Commitment to Marriage Vows

Couples, who adopt a commitment to make their marriage work, will experience powerful results and that’s the best advice on how to stop a divorce.  By taking divorce off the table and valuing the institution of marriage, spouses make an intense effort to resolve issues, change undesirable behaviors and plan for a happy future.

Surround yourself with those who value the importance of marriage. Seek the help of family, friends, clergy or even a marriage counselor to get the support you need and additional guidance.  And always plan for a brighter future, which includes setting marital goals together and celebrating important dates and accomplishments.

Follow these tips on how to stop a divorce and watch you relationship grow into “happily married” forever!

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