Moving on After a Break Up

When you and your ex go your separate ways, you may feel that there is a cloud of emptiness overshadowing you.  You don’t have to feel lonely, and shouldn’t endure a break up alone. Moving on after a break up is easier when you surround yourself with caring family and friends, while taking steps to go out and enjoy life again. Follow these key tips to get over a break up quickly, as a brighter future waits for you:

Let’s Get Busy
You can help to forget about your ex and increase your personal happiness by expanding your interests and filling your schedule with exciting things to see and do. Discover a new hobby from gardening to rock climbing, the options are endless.  If you have a competitive spirit, take up a sport or join a card club and get lost in the game.  Moving on after a break up means to refocus your attention and stay busy.

Give Others a Helping Hand
Extend a hand of friendship by volunteering your services.  Join a charity, organization or church in your neighborhood to advance a cause that you’re passionate about.  Performing good deeds not only keeps you active with a purpose, but boosts your self-worth and happiness.  You’ll enjoy the company of other volunteers who share a common interest, take pleasure in an inspiring atmosphere, all while helping those in need and making a difference in your community.

Build a Healthy Body and Mind
A health club provides a bonanza of benefits for those who are moving on after a break up. You’ll enjoy the company of friends, the opportunity to meet new ones and get healthy at the same time.  A fit body increases resilience, so you overcome setbacks quicker, and builds a strong mind and body connection–when you look good, you feel good about yourself increasing self-confidence.

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You’ll experience a natural high during and after physical activity, because it releases endorphins or feel good chemicals, which also reduce depression and anxiety, something you may be dealing with during this difficult time.  From yoga lessons to spinning classes, fitness centers offer more than exercise equipment, so get out there and get fit in good company!

It’s OK to Date Again
When you’re moving on after a break up and looking for companionship, it’s never too soon nor too late to start dating again. However, just be aware that the sensations of love and attachment are powerful.  To replace these lost feelings many dive right into another relationship—one that may not otherwise be right—only later to be disappointed again. Instead of focusing on finding the next Mr. or Ms. Right, date to build friendships, experience new adventures and enjoy yourself.   And when you fill your life with interesting people, places and things your new love could appear in the midst of all the excitement.

The key to moving on after a break up involves a combination of two important components – social connections and a fulfilling schedule.  True happiness arises from a variety of close and healthy relationships, while new pursuits enrich your life, all helping you to move forward with the next exciting chapter of your life!

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