Relationship Advice for Guys

Trying to understand women can be frustrating to any man. Fortunately, with the help of science and new research, getting into the mysterious minds of women has never been easier, revealing some interesting relationship advice for guys.  Even though some things never change, you can now throw out a few old myths and replace them with some fascinating facts that will improve your relationship or boost your chances of finding one. For starters, move over studs, because women love wise geeks bearing gifts!

Test Your Geek Chic
New relationship advice for guys suggests adding a little geek chic to your style. Ok, we’re not recommending that you put on the heavy black-rimmed glasses or sport a geeky T-shirt that says “My Stuff Always Works”.  But you may be surprised to know boosting your smarts or at least appearing to know your stuff attracts women and ignites a relationship. And according to recent research, intelligence plays an extremely important role in the process of falling in love.

To start, you can impress your gal by becoming a news junkie and staying current on world events or what’s happening in your community.  If she has a special interest or hobby, whether it be politics or art, increase you knowledge on the subject so the two of you can share in engaging conversations. The relationship advice for guys here is your brains are more important to her than your physical appearance, so exercise your mind and show off your knowledge and talents.

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Engage in Random Acts of Kindness
Women like the bad guys, right?  Well, you can kiss that one good-bye. Like intelligence, kindness is another critical component for building strong intimate bonds with women, and a lack of emotional attachment causes them to leave a relationship. So treat your sweetheart with compassion, affection and tenderness.

Surprise her every now and then with random acts of kindness like changing the oil in her car and filling up the tank.  Relationship advice for guys includes being romantic. Send her some hot red roses with a love letter for no reason at all. Place a teddy bear with a note “Just Because… ” next to her computer when you leave for work in the morning. Keep in mind, chivalry is not old fashioned as women go silly about having doors opened for them.  It’s the little things that make a big difference in her day and more importantly, in your relationship.

Recharge Your Batteries
Ok, you don’t need to race around like and energized bunny, but you’re not going to get anywhere fast in a relationship if you’re glued to the television or other electronic devices.  Relationship advice for guys– Even if she’s sitting next you on the couch, while watching a great DVD and holding hands, if that’s your idea of spending quality time together on a regular basis, then you’re missing the opportunity to cultivate an electrifying connection.
Instead break away from your cozy environment and the routine—get out and get physical. Activity revs up feel good hormones such as dopamine, which is associated with romance, and oxytocin the love hormone that increases intimate bonds.   So grab your bikes or roller blades and head to the great outdoors.

To let you in on some final relationship advice for guys- It’s not just activity that releases these hormones, but also excitement, positive experiences and physical contact. So get busy and start planning some new and exciting things to do with your lady, from rallying for a cause to dancing on the town, you’ll turn a lackluster relationship into one that’s moving and rousing.

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