Relationship Advice for Women

What is it that a man desires in a woman?  If you don’t want to be just another girlfriend, but “the one”, or if you want to keep winning your husband over, then learn  what makes a woman special to him with these 5 tips providing indispensable relationship advice for women.  This is what you really need to know about what he wants in her!

1.    Have your own life
Although  men want to feel needed, they don’t like “needy” women.  A woman should embrace a life of her own, as he admires independence, confidence and intelligence in his mate.  Financial independence, along with personal happiness and growth contributes to a happy and healthy relationship, while reducing dependence and stress on him.

So follow this relationship advice for women: Fill your schedule with stimulating people, places and things.  Having interests outside the relationship also keeps the relationship itself interesting, as you can share your activities, adventures and experiences with him. A man loves a woman who’s lively and  always evolving.

2.    Make him laugh
Neither life, nor a relationship is always moonlight and roses, but the last thing you want to be is a thorn in his side.  A man likes a woman with a sense of humor, who can laugh at his mistakes and even his somewhat sophomoric jokes. Living through your relationship with humor is serious relationship advice for women.

A cheerful mood and positive attitude does wonders to win him over and it’s contagious. So color his world during both good times and bad, by peppering your relationship with play, humor and fun. Get your man to laugh!

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3.    Knock him off his feet
Yes, it’s true, men are visual creatures– they know what they like when they see it.  What men find attractive in a woman varies from man to man, so it would be impossible to define a universal perfect ten.  However, what all men agree on is they like a woman who takes care of herself, including her appearance and health. Don’t get lazy by letting yourself go, because you already won him over is smart relationship advice for women.  Take pride in yourself to win him over every day!

4.    Support him and accept his flaws
Men don’t like to be told what they can or can’t do, nor do they appreciate criticism.  He wants a woman who supports his personal and professional goals, makes him feel good in front friends and others, and gives him the freedom to pursue interests outside the relationship. She also gives him just a little push, because she wants to see him succeed in all his endeavors.

So share in  this relationship advice for women–give your man a hand and accept him for who he is, including all his little imperfections.  And of course, always look out for him, even if you have to challenge him to do the right thing, as he’ll appreciate it later.

5.    Puts the pizzazz in passion
Sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship, but let’s face it–great sex drives a man wild!  A predicable love life leads to boredom in the bedroom, so if you want to spice things up try a little spontaneity and creativity.

Experiment with this relationship advice for women. Send a love note with a fantasy to his inbox “I can’t wait until…”.  Then dress up playing with a different look—be another woman or the other woman for the evening, light the scented candles, lock the doors and turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat.  Live a little dangerously! And remember, the most passionate relationships are based on a deep friendship between each other, so always treat him like a friend and lover!

This relationship advice for women will help you understand and “get him”, so you will shine as the special woman in his life!

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