Relationship Break Up Advice

Preventing a Break Up
You may see signs of a break up coming and if you do, you have a good chance of turning your relationship around when you get the relationship break up advice that you need.  Some warning signs include spending less and less time together, the two of you no longer sharing your dreams for the future or frequent confrontations with harsh criticism and other disrespectful behavior.  It’s smart to suggest that you have a direct, but heartfelt conversation with your partner, instead of spending sleepless nights trying to second guess what the issue could be.   If your partner truly cares about you and the future of the relationship, then he or she will be open to having that discussion.

To help solve your unique issues and get additional relationship break up advice, explore the resources on the internet as a first step. From learning how to build conflict resolution skills to creating more intimacy in your relationship, you’ll find an abundance of information right at your fingertips.

Dealing With a Break Up
Often when a relationship does end, denial becomes the first reaction.  Sometimes scorned partners will then take extreme measures in an attempt to get their lover back such as calling and texting them several times a day or making surprise visits to their home or work.  Some will even “bargain” to get their ex partner back, which isn’t good relationship break up advice.  These kinds of behaviors only make matters worse, while prolonging the pain.  It’s important to understand that no matter what you do, you can’t control your ex partner’s emotions and actions. Some will obsess over what they did to cause the break up or what they could have done differently to prevent it, which only delays the healing process. Even if you may not have a satisfying answer as to why your relationship ended, as sometimes couples just grow apart or it wasn’t meant to be, realize at this point it’s time to move forward with your life.  As difficult as it may be, in order to move on, it’s important to accept that the relationship is over.

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Getting Closure After a Break Up

Relationship break up advice includes taking steps to get closure in the relationship.  It’s a good idea to distance yourself from you ex partner at this point, as just seeing him or her again can open old wounds or bring false hopes of rekindling a relationship that is truly over.  If you have some of your ex’s belongings pack them up and put them away so you’re not constantly reminded of the loss of a romantic relationship.  Do the same with other keepsakes that remind you of the past, such as gifts you received or pictures of the two of you.  It’s good relationship break up advice to talk to a friend or family member about your true feelings, but as time rolls on it’s better to not consume yourself with discussions about your ex,  especially asking questions to others about what he or she is doing now.  And it’s best to avoid visiting your ex’s favorite haunts or any place that brings back painful memories.

Closure brings an end to a relationship, and a beginning to a new life.  You’re bound to meet someone who will love and cherish you, so look forward to your new quest!

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