Tips for a Relationship

All too often when couples are asked why their relationship ended we get the passive response, “We just grew apart.”  Unfortunately, competing priorities, interfering distractions and diverging interests all whisk away what could have been an enduring relationship. If you find that you and your partner are heading down different paths then it’s time to invest in your relationship.  So follow these simple tips for a relationship to grow together and keep your partner for life.

Tips for a Relationship:  1. Make Your Mate a Priority
Juggling the demands of a busy schedule can be difficult, but be aware of the first priority—your relationship with your partner. All of the things on your calendar really don’t matter if your relationship ends.  That doesn’t imply you have to put your partner’s interest before you, it simply suggests reorganizing your activities and striking a healthy balance.
Sometimes that means saying no to other friends, coworkers or family members, so you can spend special time with your mate.  Sit down as a couple to discuss each other’s schedules and eliminate the trivial things then fill the space with togetherness.

Tips for a Relationship:  2. Remove Unnecessary Distractions
Multi-tasking and connecting dominate today’s lifestyles. We spend hours with Facebook, invite TV to dinner and our blackberry to bed, all while our partner sits in the shadows.  It’s no wonder why couples drift apart.
Instead of being wired to electronic gadgets, send an electrifying connection to your partner through frequent and heartening conversations.  There’s something about face to face discussions with eye to eye contact that touches the soul inspiring feelings of attachment, love and trust. Take a look at all the distractions that pull the two of you apart then join forces to remove them.

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Tips for a Relationship:  3. Flirt with Change
Boredom in a relationship often triggers the growing apart phase. A partner may often get cozy, and sometimes lazy in their familiar arrangement, so the other, feeling jaded or unappreciated, seeks excitement or friendship outside the relationship.

Spice up a lackluster relationship with change. From reinventing your look and attitude to visiting new places instead of your old hangouts, as there are many things the two of you can do to keep things moving.  It’s easy to forget that a romantic relationship is really a love affair, so don’t let the passion simmer.  Change the scenery in your bedroom or explore a fresh fantasy.  The secret behind an enduring relationship is keeping it fresh and lively.

Tips for a Relationship:  4. Share Uncommon Interests
Sharing time together increases the intimacy between a couple and the best way to do that is to share interests.   Common interests bring harmony, while diverging interests can pull your apart. However, if you’re willing to learn and participate in the activities your partner enjoys most, you can actually become closer.

One of you may enjoy dinner and dancing on a Saturday night, and the other thinks there isn’t anything better than a burger and a beer at the local sports bar.  Compromise with each other, as you just might find you like salsa dancing and that burger is not too bad.

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